Women’s Treatments

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Anti-Ageing Treatment
An Aesthetics Revolution

Our secret weapon. At Refresh Revive Renew we absolutely love the results. This product improves skin tone ,boots hydration and remodels ageing sagging tissue through lifting, minimising fine lines.You will look refreshed  and glowing ! It is a slow release product so begins to work after 3-5 days and improves over time.

After the age of 30 we loose around 1% of the collagen in our skin per year and as we age our skin can sag/drop.A two stage treatment which lasts 8-12 months .The area to be treated is measured and  marked out. A relatively painless procedure which takes around 40 mins.Return for reassessment and 2nd treatment within one month.This product can be used on many areas of the body for amazing results.

Loved by men and women of all ages.

Anti-wrinkle injections
Bring back youth to your skin

This treatment is one of the most affordable non-surgical anti-ageing treatments when used to address fine lines and wrinkles . It has also  become a popular option in combination with other treatments to help remodel the face, jaw and neck. It can also  be used to prevent excess sweating under arm, sleep teeth grinding,

It paralyses the muscle which can prevent lines developing or works to soften deeper lines already formed.It begins to work around 5-7 days but will have reached a peak around 12-14 days The product  has a temporary effect as the muscle is temporarily immobilised.

The most common areas treated are the forehead, crows feet and glabella (frown).You will be invited to make another appointment after14 days so we can assess your result and top up  if required. This is included in the price. A relatively painless lunch time procedure.

Results are variable and will typically last 3-6 months.

Dermal Fillers
Revolumise your skin

Fillers can be used to improve:

– Lines between the nose and lips (nasolabial folds)
– Smile lines
– Lip lines and smokers’ lines
– Marionette lines
– Chin imperfections
– Deep wrinkles
– Tear troughs- ‘bags’ under the eyes
– Temple hollowing
– Nose reshape – Non surgical rhinoplasty.
– Jaw line chiselling /contour to increase definition
– Ear lobe plumping
– Cheeks, cheek bones
– Ear piercing reconstruction

Facial Contouring & Enhancements
Add definition

If you want to enhance your cheek bones, improve loose the bags/dark circles under your eyes, or add definition to your jaw line then these are the treatments for you.

Cheek and Jaw enhancements are achieved using a thicker filler to bring back the  definition you may have lost by contouring.They can be used to change your side profile by creating symmetry- a mark of beauty.

Tear trough fillers are a common treatment if you feel that your looking tired and can really bring a fresh look to your overall appearance.

Fat dissolving injections

We use a product which dissolves the fat cells under the surface of the skin  which are then expelled from the body in the urine. This occurs over a few weeks.

Depending on the area treated you may need a few treatments over a number of months. A local anaesthetic is used to ensure that you are comfortable during the time you are being treated.

Lip Augmentation and Fillers
Give your smile a striking new look

This is by far our most popular treatment, especially for those clients looking for a little more volume in their luscious lips. There are multiple approaches to making your lips appear more striking; from subtle enhancements of the vermilion border to adding filler to the body of the lip to make them appear plumper and fuller. Defining the vermilion border will make your cupids bow appear more prominent and will add that all important wow factor to your look. You may want a change of lip shape altogether. This may take two separate treatments and can be discussed on consultation.

We use a very strong local anaesthetic cream or Dr Dane can anaesthetise the lips using a local anaesthetic injection.The procedure will be pain free .Slight increase in cost.

Nefertiti Lift

​This is a relatively new procedure which refines the elegant lines of the neck jaw and jowl area for a youthful tighter more contoured appearance without surgery

Filler Dissolving

​Are you unhappy with previous lip filler or other treated areas we can treat you by dissolving it. We would always advise that you contact and return to the practitioner who treated you first to discuss your concerns and devise a plan However we will always provide a free consultation with advice and treatment if requested.

Any Questions?

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