IV Treatments

The body boost from within. All drips can be used as a one off treatment or as a programme over 3 months. IV therapy will only be given once consultation completed with Dr Dane

IV Energiser

The perfect blend of amino acids and high doses of vitamin B to create this high-octane energy boosting drip. Would be suitable to be used with an intense exercise programme. Bring yourself back to life.

Healthy pick me up – Energy Booster.

IV Fat Burner

A formulation of nutrients and amino acids that supports and enhance metabolism to help burn off stubborn fat and cleanse the body from toxins. Use alongside a healthy diet and exercise regime to see amazing weight loss results.

Support weight loss goals, Boost Metabolism.

IV Performance/Muscle Booster

A dynamic drought packed with amino acids and proteins that aid muscle recovery, stimulate vascular supply to these and help build muscle mass.  Say goodbye to protein shakes – All professional athletes are using IV therapy!

Improve athletic performance  – Ideal for fitness.

IV Skin Brightening

Are you looking for an overall lighter and whiter complexion and skin colour? This treatment is extremely common all over south east Asia and involves high dose intravenous Glutathione and Vitamin C that produces unmatched results. Many people use oral glutathione supplements and even glutathione soap or bleaches to try and get results- often with disappointing results. This is a completely safe treatment undertaken by a fully qualified doctor and will provide the desired results!

IV Vitamin C

A combination of nutrients specifically aimed at at recharging your immunity helping return your body to optimum health. Contains high doses of antioxidants to fight away toxins and unwanted free radicals.

Ideal for following illness or ill health – Aids recovery.

Bespoke IV

Dr. Dane Lucas can create bespoke IV treatments upon request. Contact us to discuss further

Boost. Refresh. Revitalise.

Vitamin Shots


Fat Burner

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