Men’s Treatments

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Anti Ageing Treatment

Revolutionary new product. Pure Hyaluronic acid injectable that acts as a beneath the skin moisturiser and restores the firmness to skin. It combines bio-remodelling with an IMMEDIATE tightening effect. This will fill all fine lines with unmatched results. Results lasts 12 months.

Jaw Line Chiselling
Shape and define the jaw line

This involves marking  and taking measurements of the jaw line to create the desired angle.

The area is numbed A cannula is used to introduce the product a filler designed for this use. The effect is instant. As the filler settles the result improves over a week or so.

Excessive sweating
Stops armpits sweating for 4-6 months

Botulinum toxin is used. A series of small injections in a grid format. The product works within 10-14 days and results last 3/4 months.

Fat Dissolving Injections
Reduce a double chin

We use a product which dissolves the fat cells under the surface of the skin  which are then expelled from the body in the urine.This occurs over a few weeks. Depending on the area treated you may need a few treatments over a number of months. A local anaesthetic is used to ensure that you are comfortable during the time you are being treated.

Anti-wrinkle Injections
Enhance your overall appearance

This treatment is one of the most affordable non-surgical anti-ageing treatments when used to address fine lines and wrinkles . It has also  become a popular option in combination with other treatments to help remodel the face, jaw and neck. It can also  be used to prevent excess sweating under arm, sleep teeth grinding,

It paralyses the muscle which can prevent lines developing or works to soften deeper lines already formed.It begins to work around 5-7 days but will have reached a peak around 12-14 days The product  has a temporary effect as the muscle is temporarily immobilised.

The most common areas treated are the forehead, crows feet and glabella (frown).You will be invited to make another appointment after14 days so we can assess your result and top up  if required. This is included in the price. A relatively painless lunch time procedure.

Results are variable and will typically last 3-6 months.

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