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Treatments for facial contouring & definition

Frown line (glabella) filler (p/ml)


Temple hollowing filler (p/ml)


Tear through rejuvenation


Liquid Rhinoplasty


Cheek contouring (2ml)


Nasolabial filler (p/ml)


Lip filler (1ml)


Marionette line filler (p/ml)


Jawline contouring (2ml)


Anti-Wrinkle Injections

1/2/3 Areas
(Forehead/Glabella/Crows Feet)


Chin area / Bunny lines


Nefertiti neck lift



An injectable range of ultrapure Hyaluronic acid to treat all areas of the face/neck/body that are showing various degrees of ageing. Recommended treatment. Please ask for further details.

Viscoderm 0.8%


Viscoderm Bi


Viscoderm Trio


Viscoderm Hydrobooster


Hand Rejuvenation using Radiesse

per hand


Treatments for skin tightening & lifting

Non surgical face / neck lift

Recommended treatment. Can also be performed on face, hands, eye area, arms, declottage & abdomen.



Price for 2 x treatments, 3 weeks apart


Treatments for overall skin care

Full face & neck heat treatment with radiofrequency


Crystal Microdermabrasion with laser


Non-needle mesotherapy (latest technology)


The Refresh Facial
A combination of all of the above


Pigmanorm Cream – to treat age spots, melasma and dark pigmentation


Viscoderm Cream – complements the viscoderm treatment range


Profhilo Cream – complements Profhilo injectable


Treatments for fat reduction

Fat dissolving injections

Multiple areas of the body can be treated – Chin / underarm / abdomen / buttocks


The Skinny Jab

Prescription only. 1 month supply:


CFU/Radiofrequency to the body

Please enquire further for pricing.


Any Questions?

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